About Mart n More

Mart n more ,a unit of almighty retail has a total of 5 stores in Noida delivering within 3 kms of each store.
Customers are given offers and discounts on products as well they run their own loyalty program which enables people earn more if they shop more!In a span of a year, mart n more team has won customer trust and is able to meet their needs & demand on priority basis. Shoppers can avail discount upto 20% on big brands and customers can also increase their savings even more with 3% to 5% cashback over here. Last but not least, you will get everything at one place because Mart n More welcome you with widest variety of products. You can directly walk into the Mart n more store and can check quality, product expiry, MRP, etc. things in the

products and can collect your products one by one in the trolley in the store. But mart n more stores gives you all kinds of opportunities to shop at Mart n More. for example 

  • You can also order all your items by just simply sending your order list on whatsapp by sitting at home and you will get your items at given time.
  • You can directly go to the store to pick up the item of your choice.

Since the conversation over ” brick-and-mortar stores is still on despite online stores competing for 10-minute delivery” is over! What would you like to say ? Feel comfortable while writing your views in the comment section!

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